Sheepdog Choice Theory


Public Choice theory holds that government benefits given to a minority can be spread out over the taxpayer population so the theft from taxpayers is not felt heavily enough to make the taxpayer revolt.

In the aftermath of Chief Justice John Roberts' preposterous decision on Obamacare, the conservative consensus was that only We The People in elections could stop the increasingly entrenched interests that are turning our republic into another Russia.  Public Choice Theory suggests that this won't happen because the socialist parasite population will vote in much higher percentages than the productive population that pays the bills. 

It will take tactical wisdom for any popular uprising to have lasting political effect -- and it certainly won't come from the American majority, who have put up with such corruption for generations.  Elections won't do it, ever.

As Judge Andrew Napolitano suggested in his book A Nation of Sheep, waiting for the majority in America to see the light, is a fool's errand.  The solution lies in We The People, but not in the masses.  As I recently wrote elsewhere:

"For every illegal power and agency in existence, there exists a powerful team of cooperative players: 1) the politician and his staff and committee; 2) the bureaucrats that administer the loot and keep it coming in at an annually increasing level; 3) the non-profits that spread the wealth; and 4) the ultimate beneficiaries and their families and friends who talk it up in society."

Although some libertarian scholars think that all men should be self-driven leaders, that simply isn't human nature.  It will always be the case that most human beings are followers and relatively lazy, as opposed to the smaller cohort that are driven to lead or at least to go their own way, and to be diligent. 

So.  The way out of this 150-year-long Marxist hijacking of America will be led by a small minority that I will refer to as 'sheepdogs'.

Public Choice theory explains how wolves manage to entice many sheep to turn into predators so that together they fleece the rest of the flock.  The beneficiary class of millions of government-support recipients are feeding not just from criminal government; they are feeding on about 115-135 million taxpayer sheep. 

A recent example was the $700 billion TARP scam under G.W. Bush.  In that massive pillage, Congress forced millions of taxpayers -- some of whom had recently lost their homes and jobs -- to pay multi-million-dollar bonuses to bank CEOs and to pay off billions of dollars in casino losses for these banks.  That criminal hijacking should have led to mass revolution against the Congress' IRS scam...but it didn't, because sheep are not revolutionary or assertive in nature.  They run with the sheep on both sides of them, period.

It's futile to attempt to arrest history's mega-crimes by trying to change human nature.  Better to work with human nature: a small minority in every society is diligent, courageous, and principled enough to do very hard things.  Most people will not; they will follow later on.

Good Resources Documenting the Pillage

The award-winning documentary movie entitled Inside Job, or the fast-moving book Griftopia by Matt Taibbi are both highly recommended resources illustrating the breathtaking chutzpah of Congress and the criminal finance industry.  It has been running the tables for generations; its pillage began during the Lincoln presidency as I explain in my book This Bloodless Liberty.

The future of our civilization depends on personal repentance, and rule of law.  Restoring America will require the opposite of Public Choice theory; call it Sheepdog Choice theory

The AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine (TM) is an enduring mechanism to enforce the Constitution, enabling the 'sheepdog' types to do what the Founding Fathers required of at least some of us, to 'keep' our republic. 

How Sheepdogs Are Born

A repentant person is one who recognises his sin (remorse), asks God's forgiveness, and then sets out to perform works befitting his new life under God's grace (repentance):

  • Leaving his amusement-park megachurch
  • Quitting the mega-corporation or government career
  • Removing the kids from government schools
  • Leaving political parties
  • Beginning to study basic history and civics

Driven by the excesses and failure of big churches, big corporations, Leviathan government, failing government schools, and pointless politics, personal repentance and the life choices that follow will  restore our republic over time.

This repentant cohort is the self-selecting sheepdog; an amazing transformation open to all sheep, but always chosen by relatively few.  Applied to political economy, the sheepdog is simply another label for the enlightened statesman upon whose back our Founding Fathers placed the defense and survival of our republic.

AmericaAgain! - The New Arrangement

AmericaAgain! is introducing a major change in government's arrangements by recruiting, educating, equipping, and organizing sheepdogs to restore the original limitations of the U.S. Constitution, greatly reducing the size and powers of government; restoring its servant role by becoming its rightful masters. 

The progressive tyranny we face is not some economic theory; it's criminal activity in the absence of law enforcement. For over 150 years, operators in government have violated our Supreme Law with impunity.

But even the most hardened criminals can be brought to justice by America's sheepdogs -- the ultimate 'community organizers' in 435 congressional districts across the republic.

AmericaAgain! is coming soon to your community...planted by sheepdogs like you.

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