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How we get there – Critical Mass and Legislative Action

Can We the People really reclaim 150 years of lost liberties at the hands of criminal government?  Absolutely.  In the 1980s, a University of Texas student named Gregory Watson single-handedly  secured the ratification of the 27th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  If one determined young man can get a constitutional amendment through 38 state legislatures, imagine what millions of us can do?

Below are summaries of the legislation that will remove all of the non enumerated and unconstitutional powers government has granted themselves, and return the powers to us:

1) Shut down the D.C. Organized Crime Operation by finally passing the Home-Based Congress Act, that will relocate all members of Congress to their offices back in their home state, which we already pay to staff and maintain.  This allows us, their sovereigns, to watch over our representatives at home, rather than letting them team up against us with lobbyists and regulators in D.C; the ten-miles-square area where even according to the Constitution, Congress has complete control.

The 20th Amendment stipulates that Congress needs to meet only once per year, beginning at noon on January 3rd, where they meet for two weeks maximum, for emergency items that have to be face-to-face.  Using today's virtual meeting technology, we'll make them work the rest of the year from home, where we can make sure they don't slip back into a life of  crime. 

2) End the Imperial Congress by passing a Non-Aristocracy Act, limiting Congress to two terms for House and Senate, and ending all congressional perks other than salary, office staff and reasonable operations, self-operated automobile, and coach-class airfare.  All other public expenditures will be treated as illegal use of public funds, immediately and retroactively, including pensions, insurance premiums, limousines, first-class or charter air travel, meals, hairdressers, spas, club memberships, etc.

3) Outlaw back-door pork and tyranny by enacting the Clean Bill Act, outlawing the addition of riders, unrelated-issue amendments, and earmarks to legislation. 

4) End the immoral rule of banksters including government-sponsored FED counterfeiting, the corrupt ‘fractional reserve’ loan scheme, and the gargantuan derivatives industry built on those frauds, enacting the Lawful U.S. Money and Banking Act which will have aspects of, but be more comprehensive than H.R. 459, 833, 1094, 1095, 1098, 1496 and 2768 and S.B. 202, restoring lawful (gold and silver) U.S. money, and outlawing the FED cartel and any privately-owned entity ever having control over the production of or determining the value of U.S. money in the future.

5) Restore Privacy by enacting the Citizens’ Privacy Act, reiterating the Fourth Amendment privacy of the American people’s persons, houses, papers, data communications, vehicles, and effects from any government surveillance, seizure, detainment, or file storage; making any such activity a federal offense unless preceded by issuance of a specific, bona fide judicial warrant issued upon probable cause, and repealing any portions of the FISA, RFPA, USA Patriot Act, NDAA, and Intelligence Authorization Act of 2004 or any similar legislation present or future, that violates the constitutional rights of any American; making it a federal offense to engage in any optical, electronic, airborne, or satellite surveillance, tracing, or tracking of an American citizen or his property or the interception of his communications in any form, until a judicial warrant is issued upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation and particularly describing the place, items, or data to be searched and persons or things to be seized.

6) Secure the Internet for citizen use by enacting the Internet Liberty Act, providing criminal sanctions against anyone attempting to disable Internet service within the USA.

7) Restore Private Property  by enacting the Sovereign States' and Citizens' Property Act, stipulating that other than land for military installations, the federal government has no constitutional claim to, or right to seize or control, any private land, water, timber, oil, gas, minerals, or other natural resources in, on, or under any sovereign State, for any reason, under any conditions, without the “Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be”.  More comprehensive than Utah HB142 passed by its 2013 session, all federally held or controlled lands and resources within each sovereign State will revert within 36 months to full ownership and control of the State in which it is located, to be managed and controlled as the People of that State determine.  We will repeal all federal land-use regulations, national forest and park acts, and like federal controls, restrictions, and prohibitions that deprive private owners and the sovereign States of the full use and enjoyment of their properties, subject only to the laws of the State in which located.

8) Repeal the 16th Amendment by enacting legislation barring Congress from taxing personal wages and salaries, stipulating that IRS shall obey the Tax Code and cease all fraudulent application, imposing financial sanctions and imprisonment for offending IRS employees.  This amendment is akin to making a law that says you don't have to obey the law.

9) Enact Senate Joint Resolution 6 of the 111th Congress, which states that a person born in the United States shall not be a citizen unless one parent is a citizen, an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, an alien performing active service in the Armed Forces of the United States, or the person is naturalized in accordance with the laws of the United States.

10) Outlaw conscription by enacting legislation declaring that Congress, presidents, and federal courts have no authority to conscript Americans of any age into involuntary servitude for any purpose.

11) Secure our Border  by enacting the Secure Borders Act to better protect our borders.

12) Enact legislation outlawing religious laws or subversive activities meant to incite violence in the name of any religion, institution, or foreign interests operating in the U.S.

13) Repeal the 17th Amendment to restore the Founding Fathers' design of our government that State legislatures elect the members of the U.S. Senate to counterbalance the mob power of the U.S. House of Representatives.

14) Enact the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2009 (H.R. 1146) of the first session of the 111th Congress, terminating the authorization of funds to be spent on the U.N. and withdrawing federal diplomatic immunity for U.N. employees or delegates.

15) Enact a Constitutional Treaties Act based on the 1953 Bricker Amendment, assuring that no treaty will be valid if it violates the U.S. Constitution, and recording all Senate votes for each treaty.

16) End foreign wars of plunder by enacting legislation acknowledging Subsection (c) of the War Powers Resolution of 1973 disallowing funding for foreign hostilities without a Declaration of War or proof to Congress that such mobilization is necessary for defense against a demonstrable threat to these fifty States.

17) Enact the Honest Elections Act, outlawing computerized voting or vote counting, and stipulating that only paper ballots be used in all federal elections, which ballots shall remain in the control of each precinct elections committee until counted and posted in said precinct for public review and which ballots shall not be destroyed as long as said election remains in dispute.

18) Restore the Citizen Militias of the Several States by enacting the Minuteman Act, pursuant to Congress’s power to “provide for ... arming ... the Militia” in the U.S. Constitution to repeal every federal statute, regulation, executive order, or other directive including, but not limited to, the National Firearms Act of 1934, also known as Chapter 53 of the Internal Revenue Code, 26 U.S.C. § 5801 through 26 U.S.C. § 5872; to preempt every such measure present and future, of any State or subdivision thereof, that infringes on or burdens the right of citizens to purchase, keep, carry, transport, or sell firearms, ammunition, and accoutrements suitable for Militia service as the term is used in the U.S. Constitution, or that interferes with the lawful commercial design, manufacture, repair, sale, distribution, or other trade or occupation involving firearms, ammunition, and accoutrements.

19) Enact the Congressional Insider Trading Act, providing that SEC insider trading rules shall apply to members of Congress.  It shall be a federal crime for a member of Congress, directly or through proxies, trusts, or other entities, to purchase or sell stock in any company materially affected by legislation of which the member of Congress may be reasonably expected to have knowledge.

20) Drastically Shrink Federal Government by enacting the Non-Enumerated Powers Sunset Act, providing that federal government shall not continue to fund any federal power not specifically enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. Any creative interpretations applied in the past by Congress and presidents for ‘interstate commerce’, ‘general welfare’, ‘necessary and proper’ and tax revenues sent as foreign aid outside the borders of the fifty States, to be made illegal. This will end virtually every alphabet-soup agency (including DHS); end federal meddling in education, farming, and the environment (for the most part), and much more.  Back to the Constitution's limits, plain and simple.

Any federal budget item, department, regulation, agency, bureau, program, contract, service branch, or executive order that Americans still demand should prove that it falls within a specifically enumerated power in Article I Section 8, Article II Section 2, or a duly ratified amendment, or it will be de-funded unless they have it stipulated in a discrete (not omnibus) constitutional amendment as a federal power, and then get that amendment ratified by at least 38 States.  If the American people really want it or need it, the States will pass that amendment.

THIS is how we go back to 'zero baseline budgeting'!  All illegal pork is OUT, then we add back in only true necessities that ALL citizens can agree are truly the business of WashingtonD.C.

Once We The People enforce the Constitution and achieve reforms, We will be more free than we've been in 150 years -- to prosper and produce, to enjoy the most unique republic on earth.

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