The Founding Team


David M. Zuniga- Founder

DMZ_photo_Oct2012.jpgWhile Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was spending summers on the Lazy G Ranch, David Zuniga was growing up on his family's Big O Ranch, just 50 miles south in Laredo, Texas.  A consulting engineer (BSArchE, P.E.) and former cattleman, commercial and residential contractor, David graduated from a classical Christian school and 20 years later planted four classical Christian schools in three states and developed a curriculum including Scripture, Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, the Great Books of Western Civilization, and study of the U.S. Constitution.  

Believing that the Internet now gives Americans an opportunity to become self-governing sovereigns, David wrote the first draft AmericaAgain! Declaration in 2006, then spent 14 months refining the document with the help of constitutionalist and radio show host Mike Church, and legal scholar Edwin Vieira Jr, author of many books including Pieces of Eight, the two volume, 1700-page definitive legal history of the U.S. Dollar, and The Sword and Sovereignty, the 2300-page CD-ROM definitive treatment of the history and constitutional law surrounding the Militias of the Several States. 

David wrote This Bloodless Liberty in 2010, conveying his vision for AmericaAgain!, a revolutionary Christian perpetual trust and membership organization that can arrest D.C. organized crime, and end Washington D.C.'s control over our lives, even with less than 1% of the population as members. 

Contrary to doomsday prophecies, David believes that Barack Hussein Obama and this criminogenic Congress do not signal the beginning of a Marxist nightmare, but the frantic end of the 150-year hijacking of our Constitution. He believes that this generation will restore our Constitution and that God will again use America to demonstrate His love to a world without hope.

David has been a guest on Infowars Nightly News, and his blog articles appear on blogs, forums, and alternative media including D.C. Clothesline, Freedom Outpost, Prepper Recon, and The Liberty Beacon.  

David and his wife of 37 years have two children and six grandchildren.  Their tribe is dedicated to "No king but King Jesus!"; to fear God, and fear no man. 


Zuniga brothers in 1960 on the Big 'O' Ranch in Sunday best

Oscar J. Zuniga, Jr.- Founding Trustee

Oscar_Zuniga.JPGOscar is a consulting engineer (BSME, MSFPE, P.E.), the father of five children by his wife of over 40 years, and a committed follower of Jesus Christ by grace.  His public and private life has been dedicated to serving God and man by his application of equal measures of reason, patience, faith, love, and example. 

His love for the created order, for the even and disciplined application of established laws, and for an impassioned adherence to law and reason brought him to AmericaAgain! as its founding Trustee and investor in 2009, to help carry it from vision to reality. 

Jeffrey Goolsby- Chief Security Officer

Goolsby_Jeffrey_02.jpgWith a B.S. degree in Biology and Chemistry, Jeff served honorably for 13 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army Intelligence, before spending six years with the U.S. Secret Service, followed by four years as a private security contractor supervising guard force personnel in the defense and energy industries stateside and in the Middle East. 

Jeff’s wide experience and character have gained him Top Secret SSBI clearance and a solid background in leadership, strategic planning, and team management related to the protection of executives, systems, and physical assets.  

With a deep sense of duty to Christ and the Constitution, Jeff looks forward to truly preserving, protecting, and defending the U.S. Constitution by leading his team to protect the executives, campus, and staff of AmericaAgain! from all enemies, foreign and domestic.


Positions to be filled 

Upon capitalization, AmericaAgain! will recruit co-founding partners and new team members for the positions below and many others.  If you are qualified for any of the positions below, we invite you to email a letter of interest with current resume and salary requirements.


Chief Counsel

[The team at AmericaAgain! is seeking to recruit former criminal prosecutor Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) for this position; look for further details as that campaign proceeds.]

This AmericaAgain! co-founder will be the first full-time recruit after our successful launch campaign.  The successful candidate for AmericaAgain! Chief Counsel must have:

- A visionary leadership style

- A natural ability on audio media and telegenic style on video

- Successful experience as a state criminal prosecutor of white-collar crimes

- Deep reverence for the U.S. Constitution

- A bulldog's stance for the vast retained powers of the sovereign States

- A lion's heart for prosecuting criminals

- No fear of leading a team to great exploits in American legal history

Chief Counsel will:

- Plan and oversee R&D of the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™

- Plan, recruit, and oversee the AmericaAgain! Legal Section

- Oversee Media department production of videos, podcasts, and white papers in the James Madison Briefing Room™

- Strive to become America's teacher of constitutional law to thousands of state prosecutors and criminal district attorneys, publishing papers and delivering seminars via National District Attorneys Association, its State affiliates, and law reviews

- Set historic legal precedents with the staff of the AmericaAgain! Legal Section, using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to forge this new nexus of constitutional and criminal law, guiding State judiciaries back to their rightful position above the inferior federal courts in all cases where members of Congress are violating the U.S. Constitution

- Guide staff of the Legal Section to develop a legal field-support network of trial attorneys, paralegals, and field researchers from among AmericaAgain! members, supporters, and others in league with our mission

Chief Operating Officer

This co-founding team member will be recruited after our successful launch campaign; a leader with start-up team building experience.  Our successful COO candidate will have:

- Passion for the AmericaAgain! mission

- Proven leadership of a service or membership organization of national scope

- Demonstrable ability to coordinate and support the daily operations of the diverse AmericaAgain! headquarters team: researchers, analysts, legislative draftsmen, prosecuting attorneys, legal research staff, video production and other creatives, customer service, and security staff.

Legislative Action Director

Another vital co-founder to be recruited after our launch campaign, the successful candidate for AmericaAgain! Legislative Action Director will:

- Be well-versed in Washington D.C. tricks, traps, and protocols

- Have working knowledge of the legislative process and key committee players

- Develop a working knowledge of the legislative history of the issues entailed in the 20 pieces of reform legislation in the AmericaAgain! Declaration

- Plan, recruit, and oversee the staff of our Legislative Action Section to draft, refine, and push through our legislation with the support of AmericaAgain! members

- Coordinate informal strategic alliances with outside groups and organizations who support our legislation and amendments

(There are no specific educational or credential requirements for this position; candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their proven experience, capabilities, and achievements.)

Director of Marketing and Communications

To be recruited after our launch campaign, the successful candidate for AmericaAgain! Director of Marketing and Communications will demonstrate:

- A full-spectrum marketing and communications plan for pre-rollout and post-rollout of AmericaAgain!

- Educational credentials in marketing and communications

- Experience in marketing and communications for a national membership organization or brand 

- Ability to work with mainstream media channels

- Extensive contacts and associations within alternative media channels

- Ability to build and lead a team of inside and outside individuals and teams in marketing and public relations as required to build the AmericaAgain! brand and mission awareness within the TEA Party, constitutionalist groups, 2nd Amendment groups, and other likely allies for the AmericaAgain! mission

- A plan to coordinate informal strategic alliances with outside groups and organizations to support AmericaAgain! mission

Chief Financial Officer

Our CFO will have start-up phase and mature-stage financial operations experience. CPA preferred.

Our successful CFO candidate will demonstrate the ability to refine and oversee the various domestic and offshore structures and accounts in the AmericaAgain! Trust organization for member transactions, diversified offshore holding, operational expenses, campus development, payroll, accounts payable, and Christian missions support.

Our CFO will also oversee the establishment of financial auditing, preparation of reports for the various entities within AmericaAgain! Trust, to be delivered to the Board of Trustees on a quarterly and annual basis, and coordinate financial transaction data security measures with the Information Security Officer.

Webmaster and Senior Programmer

Our Webmaster will have demonstrated credentials and experience in all major web design and programming languages.  The position demands immediate immersion in the NationBuilder CMS.  The successful candidate will be a self-motivated leader who can coordinate with content editors, graphic artists, marketing and social media, and other team members to continually improve appearance and user-friendliness of the AmericaAgain! website, and will coordinate with and support forum moderator(s) and social media venues on behalf of the AmericaAgain! mission.     

Senior Financial Industry Analyst

Leading the AmericaAgain! Liberty Labs team of analysts to feed targeting data to our Legal Section, this individual will combine comprehensive financial industry credentials and experience with analytical skill, to isolate key issues in monetary and banking policy facilitated by Congress via legislation written by industry players.    

Information Security Officer

The AmericaAgain! ISO will have the experience, training, and proven ability in data and systems security to build and maintain a world-class security system for hardware, software, and communication encryption to defend AmericaAgain! from all inside and outside threats to the organization's data systems infrastructure and its internal and external communications, records, and files.

(There are no specific educational or credential requirements for this position; candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their proven experience, capabilities, and achievements.)

Director of AmericaAgain! Productions

Since the bulk of member recruitment, education, and support will be via videos, the Director of AmericaAgain! Productions will be a critical member of the team, whose responsibilities will include:

- Directing in-house production of digital AmericaAgain! videos

- Coordinating with outside producers of video animation, CGI, live film, and digital projects

- Developing, leading, and delivering video aspects of Marketing & Communications, Legal Section, and Legislative Action Section

- Developing, leading, and delivering videos for Patrick Henry Hall™ and James Madison Briefing Room™

(There are no specific educational or credential requirements for this position; candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their proven experience, capabilities, and achievements.)

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