American Geldings

There is a bizarre Hollywood atmosphere about American manhood today.  It is most evident amongst gang members, skinheads, military employees, those in Mid-Life Crisis, and even some in the TEA Party movement who play dress-up at rallies.    

First, let me say that I agree with the TEA Party movement; no productive American wants organized crime running our  republic from Washington D.C. and this president and congress are the most corrupt since FDR and his congresses (though  Bush II wasn't much better).

Still, We The People are the top sovereigns over government in America; posters and marches aren't any way to arrest criminal government!  More importantly, most Americans today (sometimes the ones screaming the very loudest) actually seem to be play-acting. When it comes to actually doing anything, they'll wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Most Americans will gripe 18 hours a day about corrupt government, but only one in ten will get involved in doing anything about it.

Maybe this is just good sense.  Most people realize that politics in America is like a WWF match; why waste time on something futile? From that aspect, it's understandable that most people do nothing.

But this isn't about the TEA Party anyway; they're doing far more than most men are doing today.  My point here is that there's something just fake about American manhood. The military industry, Hollywood, and the pro sports industry have turned three generations of Americans into actors on a stage; functional zombies. 

In any given group of men — especially in urban populations and the military — nine out of ten are geldings, unless they have a firearm at hand.  Even the ones that are great at beating the snot out of one another, are useless to the future of liberty and rule of law.  

Real Americans As They Were

Here in America, men — and for that matter, women and older children — during the colonial and westward expansion periods, were tough. Though for the most part godly Christian folk, most Americans were truly tough...not Hollywood tough, NFL tough, WWF tough, gang-banger tough, or "HOOrah!" grunt-tough...but truly courageous and honorable.  Americans used to be truly unwilling to let evil have its way.

Americans had to be tough to defeat Great Britain, the most powerful imperial military on earth at the time. Despite the questionable ethics of our capturing and claiming America from the native tribes that roamed and lived on it, history is what it is.  We made it clear that we were taking the land, period; we didn't pretend that we were only here to 'establish democracy' among Indian tribes who engaged in torture and cannibalism, and who worshipped trees and rocks. We plundered this place, just as Indian tribes plundered one another, and as mankind has always plundered.  Most settlers were perfectly clear about their intentions -- unlike the military industry and its employees for the past century.   

On the frontier, a family had to fight off Indians and kill wild animals in the forests and thickets of the frontier — occasionally, right at the kitchen door.  Instead, what passes now for manhood is a pumped-up, lizard-brained fellow whose antics on the screen teach American boys and men to fantasize about bashing in heads so they won't lift a finger against real domestic enemies.  This is the American gelding.

A gelding is a castrated male horse; he becomes heavier, sleeker, and more docile. The American gelding is everywhere now...90% of urban males, 50% of rural males, 75% of career military, and probably 99.9% of pastors.  He's a manly-man only in his talk…or in his workout routine…or on his Harley…or at the bar…or beating his wife...or watching TV...or preaching his fiery sermonette...or with firepower outmatching that of his hapless foreign victim by 100-to-one (not including air support).  Killing men and women with a shot in the head from 1,000 yards or more, while remaining in hiding. The Chris Kyles of the world, violating the U.S. Constitution while racking up hundreds of "kills" -- people shot in their own neighborhoods, half a world away from the sniper's home.

Big man, yessir.  An

Rough-Cut Philistines

American new ethic engendered by the war industry during the second half of last century, than the book Rough Cut Men, by David Dusek.

On his website and Facebook page of the same name, brother Dusek creates a long line of absurd pairings: Bible quotes alongside lines from such Hollywood characters as Yoda, Darth Vader, Buzz Lightyear, the HAL 9000 computer (from the movie 2000: A Space Odyssey), James Bond, Marty McFly (Back to the Future), Spock (Star Trek), and from such inspirational movies as Ghostbusters, Lethal Weapon, and Planet of the Apes.   

pairing, Dusek posts a frame from the movie Tombstone, with a quote from Wyatt Earp, speaking of his desire for a woman not his wife; Dusek pairs this quote with a snippet of the New Testament describing the disciples choosing to follow Christ.  You can't make this stuff up.

The testosterone-driven male of 21st century America is brash, self-absorbed, and proud of it.  He is in-your-face and offensive as a matter of principle.  He is the trash-talking jock; the fresh recruit or grizzled old veteran of long employment in the military industry, strutting like a gamecock in every public venue. 

For instance, here is one of David Dusek's testosterone-pump pairings.  It's a group of male models in really silly, Hollywood-style poses, all dolled up in 'warrior' garb.  The quote is from a Shawnee chief named Tecumseh; it was repeated in a military industry propaganda film called Act of Valor.


Interestingly, Mr. Dusek fails to quote some of the less convenient, more ironic words of Tecumseh about the American warrior 'deployed' around the world for plunder: "(a)s sure as the heavens are above you, they (white men) are determined to kill you and your children, and occupy this goodly land...".  Tecumseh also said, "brothers, the white people are like poisonous serpents...".

I explain in my book This Bloodless Liberty, that the lawless warrior mentality deployed against our own people when Lincoln created the illegal U.S. Army in direct violation of the Constitution.  Over the successive generations, swaggering, lawless presidents like William McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama


 These Sparta-style 'warriors' were first trained by America's government schools; in 40 of these United States, the highest-paid public employee is a football or basketball coach.  Then, he was further trained by the military industry to provide military mercenary cover for corporations plundering the natural resources of sovereign countries, killing any man or woman who dares to defend his or her home and neighborhood.  All of this without a declaration of war, without a demonstrable national defense purpose, and in total violation of the U.S. Constitution.

These 'rough-cut', plundering Philistines transformed our Republic over the past century, in direct defiance of the U.S. Constitution. 

Let's Debate, Mr. Dusek

I've tried to contact David Dusek to challenge him as Christ instructed us in Matthew 18:15-17.  But he has made it all but impossible to post even a private message on his Facebook page.  But I challenge any cocky, strutting military industry employee or former employee and cheerleader, to debate me on two points:

1) Except for a U.S. Navy, the very existence of the full-time U.S. military industry violates the U.S. Constitution; and

2) Not one foreign U.S. military industry 'deployment' in 125 years has demonstrably defended these United States against invasion; instead, every one of them has served mercenary purposes for American banking or other industries.

If these two points are true, or even substantially true, then military 'honor' is on the same ethical plane as Mafia 'honor', urban gang 'honor', or Muslim family 'honor'. 

Any man defending his homeland against foreign invasion is engaged in an honorable duty -- including those countless thousands that the U.S. military killed in their own towns, calling them 'insurgents'. 

If you think you have a moral and constitutional rebuttal to these charges, Mr. Dusek, post your best shot right here in the comments section.  Bring the U.S. Constitution and nothing else; that is what I am defending, and that is what the military industry purports to defend.  You think you have a 'rough cut' game?  Let's engage. 

Real Men Emulate Jesus Christ

When it comes to standing against the real enemies of the Constitution to secure our republic's future, the American Gelding is as productive as a gelded horse nibbling grass in a field.  Nothing will ever come of him, other than his toys, or a pension and dead bodies. 

Despite his swaggering, cursing, threatening ways -- like any gang member or Mafia bag-man -- the American Gelding will leave no mark on the world for good.

At AmericaAgain!, we will seek to recruit members from the 3% of the American population that can be called 'innovators' on a marketing bell curve.  

We're not looking for "a few good men" to take up massive firepower against unarmed civilians in their own homes 8,000 miles away.  We're looking for the 3% of American men and women who live out the courage of their convictions when bad people need to be dealt with, lawfully and peacefully (using our brains and the law, not firearms) right here at home.  

We few will prove that by God's grace, We The People can preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and restore the rule of law.  We few will attempt to be worthy of our calling as Christians, rather than abuse Christ's name in the service of our own wounded egos. 

We few will do this without being paid for it by scalping the American Taxpayer.  Without demanding a lifelong pension that violates the U.S. Constitution as much as our original contract did.  We will do our duty without demanding or expecting special honor in society, like 'respect' among neighborhood gangs.  Yes, we will seek to arm ourselves and to train in our local Citizen Militia -- but only as we stipulated in the U.S. Constitution -- to DEFEND our home and homeland, not to plunder the resources of other lands and kill the residents who seek to drive the intruders away.    

We can be America again; town by town, year by year, we can re-settle a new frontier in the ethical wilderness that our civilization has become.

Pump iron, my gelding friend...wick the throttle on your for another deployment for Exxon-Mobil...paint yourself up for deer season...cap another homey...whatever.  But if you don't intend to join us, get out of our way, because we intend to be AmericaAgain!

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