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(Edited and re-posted 4/9/14)

The heated national debate about our 'rights' under the 2nd Amendment are a dangerous diversion from the real constitutional issues of national defense.  AmericaAgain! seeks to create the largest, most effective citizen force in human history without even having to resort to our firearms.  Below, I'll explain why the 2nd Amendment movement has it all wrong, handing Obama & Co easy victories by citizens simply not knowing the powers and duties of We The People that we codified in the Constitution.

Firearms are necessary -- but not sufficient

Every gun dealer and manufacturer is singing the praises of Hussein Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, et al, and We The People are arming ourselves as never before.  However: free republics and especially their rule of law, are maintained by wisdom (including tactical wisdom), not primarily by force of arms.  

Imagine, We The People (the sovereigns over government) haven't even attempted enforcement one time.  Never.  So, why start shooting our lawless public servants when we haven't taken the first law enforcement step?

National Firearms Act of 1934 -- Grossly Unconstitutional

I recently explained in this blog article that We The People are the U.S. military according to the Constitution, so the National Firearms Act of 1934 (a clear violation of the Constitution) forces manufacturers and dealers to use the "military and law enforcement use only" designation for their best equipment.  

There is no CONSTITUTIONAL limit to the type, caliber, fire-control system, optics, etc of the arms that citizens can and should own.  That 1934 act forces tactical arms and equipment manufacturers to tip the scales against the constitutional citizen Militia demanded by Article I Section 8.

Now, millions of citizens have to fight on the fringes -- about magazine capacity and pistol grip stocks! -- because we have cowered before Congress' 79-year-long infringement of our right to keep and bear arms.  The military industry and local police departments side with their own interests, and against the you would expect.  This is PRECISELY the situation the Second Amendment was meant to avoid!  But We The People have slept. 

Rights? We The People have Retained POWERS

Let's get the Constitution straight; better late than never.  The militia and gun lobby is still using only one of many weapons available to us in our Supreme Law.  

For instance, Gun Owners of America is far better than the hyper-political, bloated, formerly gun-limiting NRA.  But still, notice even this GOA bumper sticker sends the wrong message...


A Right?  U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 indicates that enforcement of "the laws of the Union" and national defense is the duty and the power of the citizen, through his Citizen Militia.  Given our constitutional position as sovereigns, the sticker should say "It's a retained POWER, not a Right!" because it's insane that sovereigns appeal to their lawless servants for rights.

We can't forget the Second Amendment; the Bill of Rights is where it is, for a reason.  James Madison, "father of the Constitution" originally wanted the 'armed citizenry' language right in Article I, Section 9 alongside other things that Congress can't do.  But the proponents of the Bill of Rights felt that Article I Section 8 already stipulated that all armed forces on American soil were citizen Militia, so they wanted to clearly REITERATE the People's power to be the Bill of Rights.

But my point is; consider the first three words of the Constitution, "We The People"...and consider the Tenth Amendment where We The People stipulate: we retain every imaginable power for ourselves and only grant our servants the powers we enumerated.  

In Article I Section 8 we gave them only 17 powers that standardize our public services such as mail service, money, copyrights, etc.  But our servants puffed themselves up as we sat and watched for five generations.  They took thousands of illegal powers to themselves over the past 150 years.  And the best we can do instead of law enforcement, is appeal to our crooked employees for rights?    

Our servants in the U.S. Congress now take it on themselves almost weekly to attack the retained sovereign powers of We The People and these sovereign States.  The arrogance of the U.S. Congress is exceeded only by its fecklessness and duplicity; every member of both houses took a solemn oath -- and violates it on a regular basis. 

Thus every member of Congress is constructively -- even if only by ignorance or professional negligence -- violating the Constitution with respect to lawful money, honest banking, and a well-trained Militia of the Several States.

This arrogance, negligence, and indeed -- these operations as organized crime -- have now made the U.S. Congress the most pressing and potent domestic enemy of these sovereign States and People.  The time is late for America's rule of law, and for the ability of We The People to defend ourselves against domestic enemies.

Going on Offense...From Now On

We The People -- the citizen Militia -- need to remain armed and trained; we need to push back and repeal the ridiculous violations of the Second Amendment, starting with the National Firearms Act of 1934.

In the States, we need to repeal all State laws that infringe on our constitutional DUTY and POWER (not 'right') to openly carry firearms, wherever we may be.  It's preposterous that in states like mine (Texas), the law-abiding citizen can't carry a safely-holstered firearm, so we have to hide less-than-optimal pistols under our clothing.  Some states don't allow open or concealed carry -- in other words, they totally disarm the citizen Militia stipulated in the Constitution!  It's time to push back against these preposterous, clearly unconstitutional infringements, rather than letting liberals and statists keep us arguing about ammo magazine capacity or pistol-grips on shotguns.

Wake, up, American!

The most effective step you personally can take in defense is to go on tactical OFFENSE today.  Join AmericaAgain! and pass the word to everyone you know.  

This is not about 'open carry', but much more.  Click on the Minutemen menu tab to learn how AmericaAgain! Minutemen can lead their State  legislatures to perform their duty under Article I, Section 8, Clauses 15 and 16 -- and how AmericaAgain! Minutemen Affiliates can better prepare the citizen for that duty, until the State legislatures are pushed up to speed. 

In just a few years (or less, depending on conditions), we can number in the millions.  We can control our national discussion from now on because we have the black-letter Article I, Section 8 as well as the Second Amendment, on our side.  This is the highest law in America, and neither Congress or your state legislature has ANY power to make laws in violation of it; instead, they have a duty to provide for Citizen Militia officers, training, equipment, and materiel.    

Americans have never been more ready to take our lives back, and AmericaAgain! is the weapon we've needed to do it.  

We The People can turn the tables -- but first we need to cut Washington DC, political parties, and the government-owned media out of our lives.  Then we get to work.

Then, we make history as the world watches.  And we will do this not by using arms -- but by using brains.

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Follow David Zuniga on Facebook, read his articles on Freedom Outpost, D.C. Clothesline, Prepper Recon, Liberty Beacon – or read his book This Bloodless Liberty to discover that America's best days may be ahead, after the hard times that must come first.  AmericaAgain! is a charitable trust and membership organization to: 1) enforce our Constitution using the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ to criminally indict members of Congress; 2) using that means, force through reform laws to recover our lost liberty; and 3) restore the Citizen Militia as stipulated in the Constitution.  AmericaAgain! needs a capital partner so that we can recruit the prosecutorial R&D team to deliver on the vision.  Many organizations offer empty words; ask for donations but deliver nothing.  This has made Americans weary and wary.  This groundbreaking effort needs startup capital to deliver on the idea, and then dues-paying members will join.  By God’s grace, we know that our capital partner is somewhere in America today.  If you are that person, read the AmericaAgain! Declaration and our frequently asked questions here, then e-mail the founder at



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