Fiddling While America Burns


Political artist Jon McNaughton has released this new painting, which all my friends will surely love -- but which displays serious ignorance of American civics.    

First, a few facts.  The old aphorism is, "Nero fiddled while Rome burned", referring to the July 64 A.D. fire that destroyed about 70 percent of Rome.  In truth, Nero didn't fiddle; the violin wasn't invented until a millennium later.  

That execrable emperor pushed the blame for the fire on a pesky new sect of revolutionaries...'Christians'.  Perhaps in the same way that Obama blames Bush II for every mess and crime in Washington D.C. -- even five years after Bush left office.

Like Nero before him, Obama is enjoying the benefits of the raging fires -- and in fact since his collegiate days, has had just such conflagrations in mind for America.  Just the mayhem you see all around us now is precisely the distraction needed by the billionaire handlers of D.C. politicians, to keep our attention from more important matters.

The Roman fire is a very fitting theme; Obama's mentor Abe Lincoln had his armies start fires across America, for exactly the same purposes: to divert the people's attention from his real program.

Obama is not "The worst president in history"

Few people today who call Obama the worst U.S. president ever, obviously can't imagine what it would be like today if we had a civil war raging: half of America trying to kill the other half...families split apart and literally shooting one another...houses, churches, farms, fields, and entire cities being burned to the ground by a new "U.S. Army" created in violation of the U.S. Constitution.  

The unconstitutional takings of our liberties that occurred in 1861-1865 are liberties that we have never recovered.  As with Nero's fire, Lincoln's U.S. Army destroyed approximately 70% of total appraised property value across the South.  The 'insurgent' states were devastated beyond recognition -- as was our Constitution.

As I explain in my book This Bloodless Liberty, the accurate name for that war is "The War to Enslave the States", because since 1865 the creators (States) have been servants to our federal servant, which grows like a cancer over every area of life.

States' POWERS, not 'Rights'

This has nothing to do with "the South was right"; slavery was a monstrous institution and secession was, and still is, tactically foolish.  

The very term and idea of States' Rights gets civics backwards.  As very clearly stipulated in the 10th Amendment, We The People and sovereign States retained ALL conceivable powers that we did not delegate to our federal servant in the Constitution.  Does an employer argue about his 'rights' with an employee?  Of course not; the federal government is our servant -- yet most Americans, trained in government schools, believe the opposite.

Presidents: puppets, not emperors 

Lincoln was a lifelong failure; a railroad attorney who was a silver-tongued orator.  Bankers and industrialists saw their perfect dupe in Lincoln -- just as they saw in William McKinley, Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR.  

These nefarious, powerful men also saw perfect dupes in LBJ, Ford, Carter, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and now Obama.

This is not new -- Lincoln and Karl Marx were mutual admirers; many of Lincoln's generals were proud Marxists.  Marx was the darling of the New York Tribune.  But you never knew this because you never took history. 

YOU are the fiddler

Yes, America is burning; but we don't have an emperor.  As our Republic burns under increasing tyranny and organized crime in Washington D.C. -- America's sovereign is fiddling.  

YOU are that sovereign. Presidents are not.

We The People are the highest sovereign in American government, as I explained HERE.  This is elementary civics.  

Put down your fiddle, fellow American; stop blaming Obama for everything! Do you honestly believe that a clueless Marxist could ever come this far without 150 years of greased track laid by organized crime in Congress, the federal courts, and former administrations?  

Naughty McNaughton

Jon McNaughton is a gifted artist.  But his works illustrate his ignorance of American history, that makes him a perfect tool for propaganda -- as Norman Rockwell was used a generation ago.  

Jon McNaughton worships Abe Lincoln -- by far our most destructive U.S. president.  And like every politician, Mr. McNaughton also caters to the ego of the military, an industry that generals warned would destroy us, as explained HERE and that has transformed us into a flag-waving mob with ideals alien to our Constitution and forefathers. 

Conservative Hypnosis

I have previously in THIS article warned conservatives that listening to conservative talk radio is self-reinforcing entertainment that makes the listener off the hook by passive listening. In truth, such daily programming only brings cynicism and Normalcy Bias.

What about patriotic blabber with friends?  Wasting valuable time, we gain nothing by daily posting the same cartoons, quotes, and rants on Facebook, TEA Party, Ron Paul, Libertarian, or constitutionalist sites.  

If you don't intend to take action, these 'conservative' brain exercises only harden your heart to your abdication of duty.     

I love Ron Paul, and I think the TEA Party has tremendous potential -- but only if these two promising groups of patriotic citizens put down their fiddles, and get to work!

I see no evidence of that happening.  

Yet I refuse to be a Jonah, even after five years preaching to American 'conservatives' who fiddle and argue while America burns.  AmericaAgain! is working to become the best action organization in our Republic, praying that God opens hearts to repentance, soon.

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